Despite of its commendable contribution to the Nation's economy, SME Sector (small and medium-sized enterprises) does not get the required support from the overall ecosystem nor does the organizations intend to invest in thinking beyond.

SMEs face a number of problems - absence of adequate and timely banking finance, limited capital and knowledge, non-availability of suitable technology, low production capacity, ineffective marketing strategy, identification of new markets, constraints on modernisation & expansions, non availability of highly skilled labour at affordable cost, follow up with various government agencies to resolve problems etc.

'ThinkWide ThinkSME' is one of the four pillars of this organization to provide support and information to SMEs seeking to boost their business and expand to other areas. The support services that Thinkwide offers are dynamic and constantly improved by way of learning from experience.

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Minding the day-to-day will only get you so far. To really grow your business, you need a strategic management process in place. Everyone in the organization should have a clear picture to where the company will head in a strategic direction. To work towards the future you have to be excited about the future, be passionate and committed. Keep climbing, never get into  'We’ve Arrived Syndrome’. In this journey Thinkwide acts as an extended arm of your organization and live upto your company values.

Expert support system promises valuable support to decision makers in business settings where a number of complex and interacting decisions must be accommodated. Even though the proliferation of expert systems in business has been limited, the issues involved in designing such systems need to be addressed. Thinkwide has a process of registering such experts, freelancers, retired individuals as senior consultants and manage their services on need basis.

Today Customers rely on advertising and other promotions to find information for making good purchasing decisions. Businesses need to position themselves in the marketplace to stay ahead of competitors, grow their business by steadily attracting new customers, improve relationships with existing customers to ensure repeat purchases and referral opportunities. Thinkwide supports in effective advertising and promotional techniques by using proven sales and marketing strategies.

Lot of music around us.. about new business opportunities and their success stories. Thanks to social media, crowdfunding, and the constant evolution of technology, it's a great time to start a business. And with new trends popping up constantly, there are plenty of ways aspiring entrepreneurs can capitalize on them. Thinkwide has its own process of collecting ideas directly from people and run them through reviewing process. The best fit ideas are made available in our programs and those ideas will be presented to our registered investors.

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