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Think. Most of us were never taught how to think! We all learn to think better by knowing the most critical challenges we face and implementing changes in next course. That’s called learning from failure.

The wisdom of learning from failure is incontrovertible. Yet organizations that do it well are extraordinarily rare. This gap is not due to lack of commitment of the organizations but due to lack of preparedness in estimating the overnight disasters. In many organizations any failure that can be hidden is hidden as long as it’s unlikely to cause immediate or obvious harm. The goal should be to surface it early, before it has mushroomed into disaster. That is why many organizations across industries shifted to a culture of playing safe, rely on tried-and-true solutions, so called conventional wisdom and stay in the boundaries of known knowledge. That is when thinking stops, creativity disappears, innovation ends and strategies get questioned. In this scenario running business or leading life is like following a 'self written' rules book. It’s alarming.

How many organizations really see the need of strategy team or a creative team or a thinking team and how many afford to have one? That is where we as a team foresee great service opportunity to support visionary individuals, groups and organizations. Thinkwide is an impressive organization formed by group of members who have many years of experience in the areas of innovation, creativity with hands on experience in driving strategies in markets across Globe.

Why named Thinkwide?

Being able to think strategically, rationally, and objectively is a vital tool to be used, thinking wider helps you to break the boundaries and explore infinite opportunities.

Earl Nightingale in his audio series of ‘The Essence of Success’ suggests that when we face a critical challenge, we should calm down and pursue vertical and horizontal thinking approaches.

Vertical thinking is an analytical and sequential process based on existing ideas that others have successfully come across. Thinking vertical is drilling deeper to find the solutions to the challenges and also getting suggestions by networking and socializing. Horizontal thinking, unlike vertical thinking, is to investigate wider not deeper. Howard Gardner calls vertical thinkers the experts and horizontal thinkers the visionaries. Edward De Bono’s coined term lateral thinking to define horizontal thinking. In general, lateral thinking means being creative and thinking outside the box. In other words, horizontal thinking is able to create variety of ideas by thinking wider, by breaking barriers and by thinking outside the known knowledge.

That is the power of wide thinking.....hence Thinkwide. In fact creative experts suggest that one should gather as much as information as possible about the challenge or opportunity we face (vertical thinking) before brainstorming novel solutions (horizontal thinking). At Thinkwide, we parctice the combination of both approaches.

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